Welcome to Emmaus Center for Christian Counseling. Here are the necessary forms to be filled out and brought to your first session.

Form 1: Consent Form – This form explains “Biblical counseling, fee scale, and church policies.

Form 2: Waiver of Liability – Our policy for strict confidentiality

Form 3: Confidentiality – We are NCCA licensed Christian counselors and do not share information with any outside source. See. TCA code 24.1.206 (Tenn State Code on Clergy and Client Confidentiality)

Form 4: Informed Consent for Tele-counseling (ZOOM) – Policy on remote client counseling. Clients are not to use government, business, or library computers for counseling sessions. All counseling consents are between the client and his/her counselor. If couple or marriage counseling all parties must agree to sign all consent forms

Form 5: Personal Intake Form – This form is used to capture client information to help your counselor to know you and understand the presenting problem (s) that you may be experiencing. Please be as specific as you can. Thank you

ARNO Profile forms – These are Temperament Analysis profiles to help both you and the counselor navigate the root problems in your life being it relational, emotional, or spiritual.