Testimonials from former clients

Eight years ago, I was in the process of a divorce. I had seen other counselors in regards to my situation where all of them encouraged me to divorce my wife. They were of no help at all and cost me hundreds of dollars. I soon realized secular counseling could not help me resolve my marital problems, so it was suggested I see a Christian counselor. A person with theological background in the Scriptures and was against divorce.I looked on line and found Emmaus Abbey Church & Centre for Christian counseling and after about 4 weeks of counseling, my wife and I were back together and we reconciled our marriage. Dr. Travis was instrumental in helping me rededicate my life to Christ and I saw my mistakes I was making in my marriage. He lead me through Malachi 2:14-16. After that, I realized how selfish I was and I needed forgiveness.

My wife and children saw the changes in my life, I stopped drinking, got back into church and we are now happily married couple enjoying life and God again.

Marty says

I am a male nurse, have large family and have to work 10 hour shifts, so my sleep schedule is very off. I have very good insurance, but I wanted private Christian counseling. He worked with our financial situation so I could privately pay for services. I prefer confidentiality and insurance companies no longer keeps our medical records safe from other agencies. Emmaus Abbey Church & Centre is faith based and uses a sliding fee scale and they are very reasonable for being I think the best Christian counseling service in Knoxville. Dr. Travis worked around my schedule so I could receive counseling in the oddest of hours. I could not have been more pleased with the outcome of my counseling services.
Kurt says

In 2012, I returned from Iraq with PTSD, violent outrages and drinking. I was taking a lot of risks in my life and about to be discharged from the military because of behavioral problems. I was referred to Emmaus Centre for Christian Counseling to see Dr. Travis for counseling. He is a retired Army chaplain and has worked with hundreds of military personnel and families over the years. He knew exactly how to deal with my issues. I had thoughts of suicide and after just three sessions, he led me to Christ, and everything in me changed. I had a renewed heart and mind. I stopped drinking, sold my motorcycle and returned to church. Christ saved me, but Dr. Travis walked with me back to a place I could forgive myself, others and this saved a career I loved, being in the Air Force.
Tsgt Teets says

I am a pastor of fairly large church here in Knoxville, TN. In 2011 I began looking for a pastoral counselor to hire and met Dr. Travis. Because of my busy schedule, I needed a counselor who would provide good conservative teaching, confidentiality and pastoral counseling to my flock. I found Dr. Travis very theologically sound and that he used scripture to help people resolve the root problems in their lives. We network services and I refer all my parishioners to Emmaus Centre for Christian Counseling and received nothing but the greatest recommendations about their services. Thank you for everything.
Pastor Bouscher says

I would give Dr. Brett Travis my highest recommendation. I look forward to seeing him for our counseling sessions. He is always prepared, and he has a superb demeanor and we pray before each session. He uses the Bible–and explains the scripture, perhaps the best I’ve seen. When I felt like giving up, he encouraged me to work through negative thoughts about myself and showed me how satan tries to take away our relationship with God and others. He is an excellent pastor and counselor and is deserving of your highest rating.
Counsellee says

Counseling can be a scary thing. It can be confusing and intimidating because you are not sure of what to expect in counseling session. We do not have any Christian counselors in Tazewell, TN, so we drove 90 minutes one way every week for three months to see Dr. Travis. Thankfully, Dr. Travis and staff at Emmaus Centre are there to help you. Everybody was patient, understanding, and willing to take the time to explain everything not just to me, but to my wife as well, even over the phone and the use of On-Line zoom technology. As much as I needed, when I needed, they had answers to my questions that were thorough and timely. They helped put me at ease with the family counseling process. I worked with Mrs. Travis because as a female she understood what I was dealing with as an older woman struggling with menopause problems. Dr. Travis worked with my husband to explain to him how to help me deal with our intimacy and marital problems. They brought prayer, Holy Spirit and common sense to our problems using the bible as the basis for resolving our problems. They made a very difficult time for me, my husband and my family better. Thank you.
Marital Couple says

My experience in working with Dr. Travis has been extraordinary. I had a job but no insurance and very little money to pay for counseling. He did it for free. I eventually bought some toilet paper for the ministry to express my gratitude. We live in Lenoir City, TN. Almost no counseling agency in Knoxville would see me. I was referred to Emmaus Centre and they immediately took me in for counseling. I was dealing with substance abuse and other addictions which caused serious marital problems. I had six children and they needed a father. It took weeks of counseling, but he and his wife were able to lead me out of the dark place I was in and God forgave me for my sins. Mrs. Travis spent many hours with my wife helping her to see how reconciliation supports God’s plans for marriage and raising healthy children.

 As well as being total professionals and excellent counselors, they have been caring and concerned people while helping us with our individual & marital problems. They were by our side when we needed them and very committed to achieving the best possible result for us to get back in church and follow Jesus! We stay in touch through On-Line Zoom sessions every two months.

The counselors were very responsive, even over weekends and holidays. Very knowledgeable and provided solid scriptural recommendations based on my particular situation. Would definitely use again.

I am a doctor for Westbrook Medical Center. I work with patients with addictions. I always suggest if a client wants Christian counseling to contact Emmaus Centre for Christian Counseling. They use a prescribed program of materials in which a person completes to get off opiate addictions over time. Very good success rate of recovery.

I am grateful for the great support, patience, and efficiency that Emmaus Abbey Church & Centre provided during my struggles with depression and anxiety. They helped me find God in my deepest darkest hour.

I am a retired Navy veteran, divorced twice and struggled with addictions. He is a retired Army chaplain and worked with many years of working with all branches of the service and knows the stress of being deployed down range. My son and I were estranged and Dr. Travis helped reconcile our relationship. He helped with my “inner healing” of some childhood unresolved issues. I would not want to be counseled by any other counselor.

Outstanding ministry! Their compassion and knowledge over the loss of our son to drugs was beyond what I expected to make the ordeal bearable. We meet yearly before the anniversary of our sons death and he prays with us. This has been going on for four years. He has a lot of empathy for those suffering through traumas. We are finally coming to grips with our grief.