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Our Location: 7317 Glastonbury Road, Knoxville, TN | PH# 865-661-1418

We are Common and yet Diverse Community

We draw from many Christian denominations and backgrounds who are seeking to find that one church that incorporates all the components of holy worship: sound biblical preaching and teaching, prayer, healing, holy communion weekly, experiencing the gifts of the spirit, confession, baptism and worship that draws men and women into a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Emmaus Christian Counseling: A Pastoral Counseling Center

Our pastoral care and counseling ministry is known as Emmaus Christian Counseling. Dr. Travis has been a Christian for over 54 years and over 35 years of professional experience in counseling. He has extensive pastoral and clinical training in biblical and clinical theology and counseling credentials in areas:  Individual, Couple, Emotional and Marriage & Family counseling. He served 24 years as active duty Army Chaplain with military training in Regional Medical Centers as: a senior clinician in the military chaplaincy and practiced as a clinical therapist on active duty as a Christian pastoral counselor.  He served overseas and in US in several Army Medical Centers as a Behavioral Mental Health clinician and provided Chaplaincy and healthcare services to military men and women and their families.   He has seen both sides of the fields of counseling.  This uniquely qualifies Dr. Travis to provide the best Christian counseling services to individuals and families in Knoxville and surrounding communities.

Wednesday Healing Ministries 6:30pm TBA do to COVID-19

As we grow, we are trying new avenues of approaching ministry where our families are living. Our midweek fellowships are met by meeting in small home groups, gatherings, and studies as our individual & family schedules and proximities allow. Our goal is to have a vigorous reach beyond the doors of the Sunday church experience that provides our members the chance to connect with each other; as those relationships grow, people naturally carry their connection beyond Sundays.

Emmaus Abbey is a part of the Diocese of the Midsouth, Sharpsburg, Georgia

The Ancient Continuing Faith Network (ACFN) TM

The Ancient Continuing Faith Network began as a movement of God in 1992. Its purpose was to become a “Communion” of conservative evangelical, sacramental and charismatic believers from all walks of life to converge into one voice and one body to the least, the lost and the poor.

Second, to become a movement of the holy spirit to change the liberal course and direction of traditional churches that have turned away from God. Traditional churches began turning away from God in the late 1950s with denying the virgin birth of Christ, the resurrection of Christ, denying holy scripture, marriage between one man and one woman, promoting abortion and supporting gender dysphoria. In short, the American and western church has turned against God and the ICCEC communions mission is to push against these atrocities.

Third, the ICCEC wishes to be a loving, caring and merciful movement going into the 21st century that the world will see Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Light. Amen!