MASS CULTURE SHIFT : Since 2001, America is Being Swept Under by Major Political and Cultural Transformation

A Short Response to the Crisis of the Lack of Faith in Main Line in America

by Brett Travis

The majority of my life I have served God and Country: “Pro Deo Et Patria!” I enlisted in Air Force in 1971 during the Vietnam War. Why, because I believed that the peoples of Vietnam had a right to freedom. Regardless of the political issues of the time, which I did not understand, meant nothing to me. All I wanted to do was make a difference in the lives of others. After serving 37 years in military and 24 years as an Army chaplain serving at the highest levels of military leadership. I realized that America was not perfect, but I would not live anywhere else in the world today. Though I write about this, it greatly disturbs me to do so. But I write this as a warning for those who remain a part of an apostate church.

When I retired from the military in 2008 and returned home to America, it was a different country morally and politically. Our political, education and religious systems had literally collapsed and continues to fail its people. I hesitate to name mainline churches for their disdain for God, but we have to expose the heresy that is dislodging Christians from their faith. This includes all the SELF-Ordained so called ministers in America and abroad who are teaching false and prosperity doctrines. Being a Christian takes work and commitment. Our main line Christian leadership from especially the Roman Catholics, Episcopal USA churches, Methodists, Presbyterian USA, ELCA Lutheran churches has distorted and defiled biblical leadership, defiled marriage between one man and one woman, pushing transgenderism, sexually abused millions of people and morally offended and defied the “Cross of Calvary.” The churches view on same-sex marriage, abortion and transgender issues is pathetic. These churches defy the Bible as the inerrant Word of God and its message of salvation.

The world in which you and I now live is in the midst of a major cultural transformation- leading to a a lack of faith in Christ, an increase in moral relativism, and a rejection of absolute truth. Church membership is declining and the new religion is little league sports on Sunday mornings and materialism. Their motto: “Get all you can, Can all you get and sit on the can! Someone asked me who is the blame for all this? Well, I believe it started in the local church with greedy and immoral Bishops, pastors, and seminaries pushing out unsaved religious workers in the field. Pastors do not need million dollar homes, airplanes and cars. And we do not need mega and satellite churches which only meet on Sunday mornings with their Lattes’. We need a revival in our lives and in our churches.

Who are the leaders of this religious shift? Episcopal USA, Presbyterian USA, Methodists, Roman Catholics, Lutheran ELCA and more…

In 1960, the Episcopal Churches USA started the dismantling of their “Faith” in Jesus Christ, the Bible, and all church doctrines. They are no more than a shell of despotism and debauchery. The worst thing…many remain in the church believing they can throw the God of the Bible out the window and not reap the consequences of their actions. They have caused so many problems within the Christian faith that millions of believers have decided to quit church altogether. God will not sit back and allow his church to implode without some serious recourse and actions against those who continue to blantantly curse his Holy Name.

Yet there are those of us and other churches who are maintaining the course regardless of the Episcopal churches adamant drive to destroy their church. The 1st half of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st Century some 68 years of direct attack upon the bible and Christian doctrine has finally shape a new era of the church age called the post-modern church. If there are any conservative churches left by the end of the 21st Century, it will be the Charismatic Episcopal Church. We have set a course of zero tolerance against our government and those churches which defy the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I believe the CEC churches are the Biblical & Conservative solution and answer to the crisis of the apostate church today! We are here to help those wanting to come out of these deceived churches held in bondage by sin. No one wants to hear about sin anymore. This is why those apostate churches have fallen!

A warning to those remaining in apostate churches, staying in these churches or trying to change them or their leadership at this point is like rearranging the chairs on the “Titanic.” Here is a prophet message & what is not being told about these churches: Ref: Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, “The Paradign.”

I am greatly burdened and dissolutioned by what I am seeing today in Babylon America and in our churches. I, much like Amos and Habakkuk see a great destruction that has come into these churches and those leaders running the church. The demonic spirits of ball worship, Ahab and Jezebel spirits are prevalent within our churches and many of our Christian leaders which affects every family in those churches. If Laviathon, Ahab and Jezebel spirits live in the church they will also live in each member of that church, eventually killing every member. Read what the Bible says about these demonic spirits. These churches have turned away from God. This shift away from God all stems from church leaders with emmanant strongholds and unresolved personal conflict in their lives. Therefore, these men and women are being lead by demonic strongholds unbeknownest to them and this is wrecking havoc on the church and our next generation of believers. Please pray for their deliverance and a revival in our churches and government! 1 Timothy 3:3-11

Since the CEC has never been a part of any denomination, our ecumenical “stance” is to disassociate in every way with these denominations. If your church is supporting these demonic practices–get out! The present denominational Crisis in the Methodist Church, Episcopal Church USA, some Anglican Churches, all PCUSA Presbyterian Churches, Churches of Christ , our colleges, universities and local school systems and many others that support same-sex marriage, transgenders, homosexuality, ordination of women and abortion has become catastrophic. These churches are out of communion with the majority of bible believing churches in America. We are to love these people, but reject the sin. 1 Timothy 4:1-16

Yes, we have made a biblical stance against sin and those churches promoting deceiving spirits in the church. The Charismatic Episcopal Church of North America: CECNA is not a part of the Episcopal Church USA, but a conservative Communion of orthodox churches. We are not a part of any denomination. We stand firm and hold to the historic doctrines of the Christian Faith. We do not participate in any ecumenical dialogue or services with other denominations which unintentionally or intentionally defy the “Truth” of Holy Scripture. We are considered a pre-denominational church since we do not hold to any reformation doctrines. We express our worship through our own liturgies or sacramentaries which can be found on the CEC website. We love the sinner but God hates sin. Please join me everyday as we pray for a Nation, our government and our churches that has lost its first love…Jesus Christ.

More to come…The small church will be the vehicle that will bring revival to America, not the mega church.